Alina Iv at Fashion Talks CH
June 7, 2019

Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 7:30 PM – 10 PM UTC+01
At Dynastie Bar à Cocktails13 Rue de la Cité, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Event announcement:
Glad to inform you about the first Fashion Talks Geneva meeting. It will be an opportunity for you to share your professional experience and interests. If you want to make a short presentation, do not hesitate to send me a private message from this page.

For those who are involved in the fashion industry, curious or simply interested in it. We believe in other people’s experiences, and are willing to help and share with others.

This group is an opportunity for us to meet and disscuss on the topics related to fashion industry, design, fabrics, style etc.

But more than that, to create a strong community, to share our passion while having a friendly time together. I truly believe that on the basis of sharing, transparency and action, we could shake / promote the development of the fashion industry : to support the finest fabrics and craftsmanship, empower consumers and fight against defeatist thoughts.

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