• You can make a unique hat for creating handmade hats, you will create for yourself exclusive, unique hats, choosing for yourself flowers, veil, color and so on (during the course you will create 4 hats with your own hands);
  • Individual online hat making lessons with fashion milliner Alina Iv (analysis of making one hat);
  • We will acquaint you with the “world” of hats, materials, styles, vintage hats (our collection that is exhibited in our Millinery museum);
  • We will teach you to make a hat like a real master, applying various variants of styles, turning your ideas into reality;
  • We’ll show you our accumulated techniques and techniques for performing work, scientific dummy method of designing a hat;
  • You’ll work with the fabric, applying it to the hats, with fantasy, as real hat masters do.

The training includes:

  • various materials for the manufacture of hats, which are used by masters for their works;
  • photo shooting by a professional photographer (two unique images, and also photos in the process)

After you finish work, you will receive a diploma for completing a course at school Couture Millinery Atelier Alina Iv to create a headdress from. In future you will be able to make a hat as a gift for your loved ones, and also order in school Couture Millinery Atelier Alina Iv materials for the manufacture of hats, pads. Training is being conducted in next way:

  • The training is conducted in small groups of 4-5 people leaded by the master Alina Iv, which allows the master to pay more attention to the student and his product, to help him to digest the information in more detail;
  • In the process of learning a week course, you will learn how to make 4 hats and you will have ready-made exclusive hats made by you;
  • In the course of the online lesson you will have one hat made by the hands of the master and you will see in the online mode the whole process of manufacturing.

Pricing policy for courses at Couture Millinery School by Alina Iv may vary in different countries, currently available locations are Ukraine, France and Switzerland.

price for courses held in Ukraine: € 2,500
price for courses held in France: € 3,500
price for courses held in Switzerland: € 3,500

Online individual lesson with Alina Iv (4 hours, one cap model, or an individual theme lesson): € 500Exact day and time are booked after training contract is signed and payment made.  Enrollment course school Couture Millinery Atelier Alina Iv preliminary. Sign up for a course via email: